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Founded in 2004 by Meghan Keane, (m.k.s) is where all creative action lives: studio practice, experimental projects, interdisciplinary collaborations, and inventive workshops.  


Studio practice includes original paintings, a printmaking practice of monotypes, monoprints, and short run editions, hand made artist books, and an in-house catalog raisonné. The paintings are currently the only works viewable online.

Experimental projects and interdisciplinary collaborations include Pas de Deux Project and Project Nihon

Inventive workshops have been held in Slovenia, France, and Minnesota. Keane also provided innovative teaching artist and curriculum development services to the Kentler International Drawing Space in Red Hook for six years.


I acknowledge the tremendous privilege it is to paint and believe the most powerful thing an artist can do is include others in the magic. It might not be world peace, but that coupled with the pursuit of truth and beauty with genuine conviction might get us pretty damn close.
— Meghan Keane


b. Saint Paul, Minnesota

Meghan Keane is a painter.  

Studies in Ecuador and France, at Parsons and Brooklyn College, inform her love of color, her interest in a diversity of subjects, and her fascination with the intimate, the sensuous, the vulnerable, and the vital in life. As a young artist, she dove head first into architecture, interiors, and garment design, before a definitive return to painting and printmaking in 2004.  

Her paintings have been reproduced in The New York Times and El Comercio, and shown in solo exhibitions in Europe, Asia, and South America.

Keane sees and expresses aspects of the human experience that only an artist who travels alone, who experiences the world looking in, and who shows up on your doorstep, in your living room, with keen curiosity, can.  She absorbs it all and fuses life experience into a singular vision.  Her current vision welcomes people and their objects/spaces while underscoring the notion that paintings aren't "about something" they "ARE something."

Keane is founding director of Pas de Deux Project and Project Nihon, is a visiting alumni artist at the Brooklyn College Art Department Printshop, and is a frequent guest critic at undergraduate and graduate art and architecture reviews.


Studio projects run smoothly thanks to the following individuals:


Elsa Fraysse

Freelance Studio Assistant


Lanelle Pintal

Freelance Studio Assistant


Robert Rosales

Freelance Studio Assistant
(2013- )


Sallie Mize 

Freelance Archive Management
(summer 2012)


Laura Moretti

Photo Intern, Colombia Project

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Maya Moverman 

(summer 2012)


Min Zhu

(spring '13)


Ko Smith

Freelance Project Assistant
Figment (2009)


Emily Cable McKenna 

Freelance Project Assistant
Figment (2009) 


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