Guest Artist Talk: "What Happens If...: A Decade of Making"

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Teaching artist and artist colleague, Lance Paladino, invited Keane to be a guest artist presenter during his Joan Mitchell Foundation Young Adult Program (ages 18-28), held at Parsons this weekend.  The presentation, titled "What Happens If...: A Decade of Making" shared the variety of styles, and risks, taken over the years (high school to present) and emphasized the importance of play, having fun, and exploration ("what happens if...?") in making art throughout the course of one's life.  At the end, students were invited to reflect on what inspired them: they wrote down a technique or idea they would like to try in the future, and made a drawing of an artwork they saw during the presentation that stood out.  Students were invited to donate their drawings and compile them into an accordion book to be added to the collection; the young adult artists who participated now have work in a private collection.        

The video of the presentation will available online shortly, shot by Brooklyn Media House.